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DGTL Co – A Chicago-based Company That Helps Your Business Succeed Online

DGTL Co is a successful Chicago-based internet marketing company that specializes in SEO, Local SEO, SEO Consultant, Website Development, Website Designing, Social Media Management, and PPC/Google Ads services. Over the past 10 years, our team has produced award-winning digital marketing campaigns and continues to dominate the industry.

Our services include website strategy & design, conversion rate optimization, SEO, online advertising, and more. We offer a unique perspective on how to market your business using digital channels. We don’t just help our clients gain more visibility online; we work comprehensively to build healthy, sustainable digital strategies that get results.

We Help Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Startups Grow Their Businesses!

We design, build and optimize results-driven digital solutions for small to midsize businesses. We strive to work exclusively with authentic businesses that value long-term relationships and the transparent communication that comes along with them. Our reports are detailed, actionable, and, most important, effective. We use proprietary tools to provide you with a complete and accurate intelligence of your site.

Our customer service and commitment to excellence have allowed us to provide our clients with the best possible results in today’s competitive environment. We have worked with hundreds of businesses to grow their traffic and increase sales for them. This is all possible through our proven strategy of inbound marketing.

Why Hire Us?

Our holistic approach to digital marketing campaigns has been effective with national brands and local companies alike. We will work with you to define and explore your business objectives and develop a digital marketing plan that helps you achieve your goals and increase revenue. We use a combination of the newest tools and the most effective strategies to gain your website high search rankings.

We help our clients create lasting brand awareness, attract customers and increase sales. We are dedicated to developing long-term relationships with our clients, who partner with us every step of the way in order to accomplish their goals.


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